About Our Center

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Who We Are

The Caring for Complex Chronic Conditions Research Center brings together experts from a range of disciplines including clinical medicine, health behavior and social science, statistical modeling, and healthcare organization to improve health and healthcare for adults with chronic health conditions.

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What are Complex Chronic Conditions?

Our work focuses on:

  • People with chronic health conditions requiring complex self-management or health care coordination

  • People with chronic health needs that put them at high risk for hospitalization and poor health outcomes over time

  • People with multiple chronic health conditions

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We envision a future where people with chronic health conditions live fulfilling and healthy lives, feel empowered to manage their health conditions with support from their family and community, and receive health care that is easy to access, collaborative, and coordinated.

We envision a healthcare system that cares for people with chronic conditions in an impactful, proactive, and equitable way, with tools that support and empower partnerships between individuals and their providers.

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Our approaches include:

  • Applying health behavior theory and evidence to healthcare practice
  • Mobilizing the power of patients' social and community networks to improve health
  • Leveraging patient and provider-facing technology
  • Designing and evaluating innovative primary & outpatient care approaches and policies
  • Collaborating across multiple disciplines and healthcare systems
  • Working with community and stakeholder partners to ensure research is user-developed and has clear avenues for impact
  • Growing expertise and leadership in chronic condition care by mentoring trainees and early career researchers
  • Creative and robust dissemination to ensure findings and products get to those who can use them