The CO-IMPACT Program is designed to be used by healthcare professionals, adults with diabetes, and their Care Partners. These materials were originally developed and tested for adults with type 2 diabetes, but they can be helpful for adults with other types of diabetes or other chronic health conditions

This toolkit contains materials from the CO-IMPACT Program in a format that is flexible for use in various settings. The CO-IMPACT toolkit for healthcare professionals includes descriptions of all sessions and tools, information on how they were used in the original CO-IMPACT Program, and tips on how they can be used in other settings.                                 

The CO-IMPACT toolkit for people with diabetes and a Care Partner includes information on diabetes self-management areas, how to work as a team, positive communication techniques, and printable worksheets and logs.

Click here if you are a Person with Diabetes or their Care Partner

Click here if you are a Healthcare Professional

The toolkit was developed as part of a Veterans Health Administration research study of a program titled Caring Others Increasing EngageMent in PACT (CO-IMPACT) (VA Health Services Research and Development Grant IIR 14-074). 

CO-IMPACT materials can be shared with proper credit. Materials cannot be changed in any way or used commercially.