CO-IMPACT Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals

The CO-IMPACT toolkit for healthcare professionals includes descriptions of all sessions and tools, information on how they were used in the original CO-IMPACT Program, and tips on how they can be used in other settings.

You can download the PDF version of the CO-IMPACT Toolkit for Healthcare Providers, or browse the toolkit online using the links below.

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Icon of person sitting at a desk, talkingMost adults with chronic health conditions like diabetes have family members or friends who are regularly involved in their medical and self-care. These family supporters (called ‘Care Partners’ in this program) are an important resource who can help people with diabetes increase their confidence, their ability to manage diabetes day-to-day, and their active involvement in their healthcare. Many studies have shown that adults with active Care Partners have better diabetes outcomes. However, healthcare teams lack structured and realistic approaches to work with Care Partners.

The goal of the CO-IMPACT Program is to provide healthcare professionals with evidence-based, structured approaches to working with patients’ supporters that improve patient engagement in care and health outcomes. This toolkit contains materials from the CO-IMPACT Program in a format that is flexible for use in various settings.

Who Can Use These Tools? 

The CO-IMPACT Program is designed to be used by healthcare professionals, adults with diabetes, or family supporters (called ‘Care Partners’ in this program). These materials were originally developed and tested for adults with type 2 diabetes, but they can be helpful for adults with other types of diabetes or other chronic health conditions.


Adult/Person with Diabetes

The person with diabetes whose care is being supported. The CO-IMPACT Program puts the person with diabetes in charge - they direct how Care Partners and healthcare professionals can best support them. 

Care Partner

An unpaid adult family or friend who volunteers to learn about helping the person with diabetes.

Health Professional(s) 

Any healthcare professional who helps care for adults with diabetes. This can include physicians, nurses, dietitians, educators, and community health workers. 

Health Coach

A healthcare professional who is trained to coach patients in setting and working towards health behavior goals. In the study of the CO-IMPACT Program, a health coach delivered some of the tools. 


CO-IMPACT materials can be shared with proper credit. Materials cannot be changed in any way or used commercially.