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Jon Arnold, MD, MS

  Clinical/health care topics: Clinical informatics, high-risk patients

  Population: Adults

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Amar Bansal, MD, FASN

Clinical/health care topics: General nephrology, chronic kidney disease, palliative care, conservative kidney management (medical management without dialysis)

Population: Adults

Method: Collaborative research

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Jodie Bryk, MD

Clinical/health care topics: Care of high cost, high needs patients, ambulatory ICU program, patient advocacy, primary care for underserved, primary care for patients with severe persistent mental illness, interdisciplinary care coordination

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Thuy Bui, MD

Clinical/health care topics: Social needs, homeless, structural competency, immigrant/refugee health, global health

Populations: Immigrants and refugees, adults

Methods: Qualitative, implementation science

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Utibe Essien, MD, MPH

Clinical/health care topics: Cardiovascular disease, atrial fibrillation, racial/ethnic disparities, social determinants of health, novel therapies

Populations: Veterans, racial/ethnic minoritized populations

Methods: Large database cohort studies, mixed-methods, qualitative, implementation science

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Gary Fischer, MD

Clinical/health care topics: Chronic disease management, population management, informatics, clinical decision support, patient portals

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Tiffany Gary-Webb, PhD, MHS

Clinical/health care topics: Social determinants of diabetes and obesity, interventions to improve diabetes outcomes for Minority populations, translation of research findings to practice and real-world evaluation

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Lauren Gilkes, MD

Clinical/health care topics: Inpatient care, transitions of care, complex medical conditions, multidisciplinary care

Populations: Elderly, poor health literacy

Methods: Quality and improvement, safety

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Manisha Jhamb, MD, MPH

Clinical/health care topics: Chronic kidney disease (CKD), chronic diseases

Population: People with CKD

Methods: Population health management, health services research, machine learning, qualitative

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Amber Johnson, MD, MS, MBA, FACC

Clinical/health care topics: Cardiovascular disease, women's heart disease

Population: Adults

Methods: Health services research, qualitative, secondary analyses, clinical trials

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Charles Jonassaint, PhD, MHS

Clinical/health care topics: Digital health, health disparities, mental health care, behavioral medicine

Populations: Sickle cell disease, adolescents and young adults, Black Americans, low-income populations

Methods: Human-centered design, implementation science, clinical trial methods

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Mary Korytkowski, MD

Clinical/health care topics: Improving inpatient and outpatient care and outcomes of people with diabetes, women with polycystic ovary syndrome, disorders of androgen excess

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Jodi Krall, PhD

Clinical/health care topics: Barriers to care, diabetes self-management education and support, health promotion/disease prevention, health-related social needs

Population: Pediatrics, emerging adults, people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, underserved communities 

Methods: Behavioral interventions, pragmatic trials, quality improvement projects

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Anita Leon-Jhong, MD

Population: Patients with complex medical and/or psychosocial needs

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Carissa Low, PhD

Clinical/health care topics: Cancer, psychology, symptoms

Methods: Mobile sensing, machine learning, behavioral interventions

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Jared Magnani, MD, MSc

Clinical/health care topics: Cardiovascular disease, social determinants and social factors, health literacy

Populations: Disadvantaged populations and communities including rurality and limited health literacy

Methods: Implementation research, health services research

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Lena Makaroun, MD, MS

Clinical/health care topics: Social influences on aging health, elder abuse, caregiving, health services research

Populations: Older adults, Veterans

Methods: Large database cohort studies, mixed-methods, qualitative, implementation science, program evaluation

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Mylynda Massart, MD, PhD

Clinical/health care topics: Precision medicine, genetic testing, genetic or hereditary conditions, hereditary cancer risk evaluation, multi cancer early detection, Galleri, direct to consumer genetic testing validation, genetic counseling

Populations: All

Methods: Whole exomes and genome sequencing, MCED, genetic panel testing, research based testing, familial variant testing

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Kathleen McTigue, MD, MPH, MS

Clinical/health care topics: Chronic disease prevention with focuses on obesity, women's health, information technology 

Population: Adults

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Matthew Muldoon, MD, MPH

Clinical/health care topics: Hypertension, cardiovascular disease prevention, hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome, nutrition, health behaviors, behavior change

Methods: Mobile technology, digital interventions, intervention research, qualitative research, implementation research

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Tom Radomski, MD, MS

Clinical/health care topics: Healthcare value, low-value care, low-value prescribing, deprescribing, dual health system use, medication-based risk adjustment

Populations: Older adults, Veterans

Methods: Observational methods using administrative data, qualitative methods, focus groups, semi-structured interviews, expert panels

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Bonny Rockette-Wagner, PhD

Clinical/health care topics: Physical activity, sedentary behavior, prevention of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular health

Methods: Patient/provider-centered approaches, utilizing activity monitor data

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Sharon Ross, PhD

Clinical/health care topics: Obesity prevention, healthy lifestyle intervention

Populations: Latinx/Hispanic/Latino, families, children

Methods: Intervention research, qualitative, Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

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Linda Siminario, RN, PhD, DCES

Clinical/health care topics: Clinical or health care topics (e.g., diabetes, primary care), diabetes self-management, education, health care delivery, telehealth, primary care

Populations: Pediatric, emerging adults, adults with type 1/type 2 diabetes, rural, underserved communities

Methods: Demonstration/observational studies, pragmatic trials, RCTs

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Julio Vega, PhD

Clinical/health care topics: Cancer, binge eating, Parkinson’s Disease

Population: Adults

Methods: Machine learning, time series, N-of-1 methods, user-centered design, data engineering

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