Franya Hutchins, PhD

  • High Risk Analytics, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

I am an epidemiologist focusing on methods in observational research and working with mentor Dr. Rosland on the High-Risk Complex Patient Analytics and Care team. This research uses latent variable modeling to identify clinically-distinct subgroups among high-risk complex patients, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and outcomes. My long-term research goals include incorporating epidemiologic methods in big data analysis to interrupt the recreation of race, gender, and disability-based inequity in machine learning algorithms. In my free time, I’m a bad gardener.

Representative Publications

Hutchins F., Thorpe J., Maciejewski M., Zhao X., Daniels K., Zhang H., Zulman D., Fihn S., Vijan S., Rosland A.M. (2021). Clinical outcome and utilization profiles among latent group of high-risk patients: Moving from segmentation towards intervention. Journal of General Internal Medicine. Online ahead of print.