Program Tools

The CO-IMPACT Program included these four main tools:

Intro Session

  • Care Partner orientation to the patient's diabetes status and regimen
  • Helpful ways for Care Partners to communicate with patients about diabetes
  • Care Partner techniques to help the patient set and follow-through on health goals
  • Care Partner orientation to who is on the patient’s healthcare team
  • Patient and Care Partner techniques to make the most of healthcare visits


  • Tip sheets for all topics in the intro session
  • General diabetes care information
  • Worksheets and logs

Check-In Calls

  • Phone script for asking the patient about new actionable diabetes issues
  • Suggested actions for patients and Care Partners if important issues are identified
  • Prompts to encourage patient empowerment and collaborative action planning

Visit Preparation

  • Patient and Care Partner guide to listing questions and preparing home information for an upcoming medical visit
  • Patient prompts to specify what role they want the Care Partner to play at the visit
  • Patient after-visit summaries for the Care Partner

How Do I Use These Tools?

Each tool in this toolkit can be used in part or in whole, on its own, or in combination with other tools. Each tool can be used during in-person or virtual care.

During the CO-IMPACT Program, adults with diabetes and their Care Partner received each tool in sequence over the course of one year. However, selected tools or parts of tools can be used during one patient care or education session.

Click on the links below to access more information on each tool or session:

Icon of three people sitting at a tableIntro Session

Icon of a spiral-bound bookHandbook

Icon of two bubbles to show talkingCheck-In Calls

Icon of a clipboard and clockVisit Preparation